The Word, The Life, and The Light

The Word, The Life, and The Light

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Aug 27, 2017 10:30 am


The Light Has Come The Word, The Life and The Light – John 1:1-5 Copper Springs Church ~ August 27, 2017 – Media Outline →Introduction →The Gospel of John takes a distinctive approach to communicating the reality of Jesus Christ. →The Synoptic Gospels focus on the activity of Jesus or what Jesus did. In His gospel, John focuses on the Person of Jesus, or who Jesus is. →Last week… →John wants to communicate the truth that Jesus is both wholly God and wholly Man. →I The Logos 1:1-3 →The beginning of John’s gospel reflects on what is seen in Genesis 1:1-3 →John begins by using the word logos. →In verse 1, John describes Christ as the logos or Word to show us that Jesus is/was: →Eternal – The use of the past tense, forever past, here actually communicates timelessness →Present with God but separate – Note that there is distinction clear in verse 1 →Of the same essence as God – From before there was anything of what we know in the temporal world the was Christ. →In verse 2 to John uses a personal pronoun “He” – Jesus the distinct person… →John goes even a step further when in verse three he identifies Jesus as the creative force behind all that is… →II The Life and the Light 1:4-5 →In verse 4 Jesus is described as life and light… →When we arrive at verse 5, we see the reality of sin (darkness)… What are things we can take away from this passage…→ Conclusion

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