A New Year Dawning ~ Philippians 2:1-2

A New Year Dawning ~ Philippians 2:1-2

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Dec 31, 2017 10:30 am




Poetry & Logic


Imagery & If / Then

I Four If's – Conditions in the Body vs. 1

Based on his time with the Philippians and what he continues to hear of them, he knows that these conditions are present in the church there.

If there is:

  1. any encouragement – (Gk. paraklesis) - comfort; same root word for Holy Spirit
  2. any consolation of love: consolation – (Gk. paramuthion) - persuasion or incentive
    1. Does love motivate you? If so, to what?
  3. any fellowship – (Gk. koinonia) – things held in common
  4. any affection and compassion – (Gk. splagchna & oiktirmos) - used to describe the higher human emotions

II Four Then’s – Actions to "…make my joy complete by…" vs. 2

Four ways they can make Paul's joy complete:

  1. “…be of the same mind…” - keep on thinking the same thing
    1. This is related to right doctrine…
  2. “…maintaining the same love…” - keep on loving each other in the same way
    1. The Greek word for love used here is agape… This reminds the Philippians, and us, that the standard of the love they are to show one another is the “same” love that Christ showed to them and to us…
  3. “…united in spirit…” - in Greek this means harmonious in soul
    1. The followers of Christ are first united with Christ and then should be united with one another…
    2. What are some signs of unity, what does unity look like?
  4. “…intent on one purpose…” - all focused on the one purpose
    1. What would you say is our purpose? How can we better define and live out that purpose together?


III Copper Springs Church

As we move into 2018 I will be introducing what I call the Copper Springs Trail.

One thing Copper Springs is good at is loving on each other! As we move into 2018 we will seek to express that love in even greater ways. We are planning fellowship activities on both the whole church and small group levels. We are looking at something like Supper for Six or Eats for Eight, that will encourage us to expand our circle of friendship within the Body. We also are planning a Churchwide Memorial Day Picnic. There will be some synergy between all the areas of focus but especially between the area of loving each other and seeking to reach the community.

How do we maintain harmony within the Body?

A principle I ask everyone to abide by is called the Circle of Knowledge…

An ever-increasing prayer network… I also plan to lead us to more times of corporate prayer…

Finally, what will our primary purpose be and how will focus on that purpose together? In the coming months we will be launching what I call copper Springs Local to Global. This will be a strategy to bring out evangelism and missions under a comprehensive Acts 1:8 strategy…

Within this strategy there will be some synergy with the idea of fellowship. We are looking at having five key events each year. In Spring we will have a Missions Fest, an event to focus on evangelism, missions and our missions involvement. We are also planning the Memorial Day Picnic for the whole church I spoke of earlier. These events will focus primarily on the members of Copper Springs, although I believe these events would also be good times to invite friends and neighbors to join us.

In the summer, we will have Vacation Bible School. This is a synergistic event in that it combines bringing our people together in the fellowship of service in offering VBS to our children while also reaching out to our neighborhood. In the fall we will have a Fall Festival, like the Trunk & Treat we had this year. In 2018, the event will be larger in scale and include not only Trunk & Treat, but more activities like bounce houses, a petting zoo, hands-on activities for the kids and perhaps other things as well. In December, we will continue with our Advent approach and have specific activities for each week of December. Once again, some will be more focused on our people while others will be aimed at our community.

One final note, we will be having at least quarterly membership meetings as needed so that people who have made decisions to join us will be presented to the church for approval. These meeting will also allow us to give the church any updates regarding ongoing or new activities at Copper Springs. The first of these meetings will take place after our worship service on January 14th.

We will also be looking at some kind of covenant membership renewal…

I know I have put out a lot of information. We will be sharing more about each of these initiatives in the coming weeks. I pray that you are with us and are excited about what God has in store for Copper Springs in 2018 and beyond…


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