For God So Loved ~ John 3:16-21

For God So Loved ~ John 3:16-21

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The Gospel Presented ~ John the Baptist Steps Aside

For God So Loved ~ John 3:16-21 ~ Media

Copper Springs Church ~ November 19, 2017



→ In this verse we see the essence of the whole of God’s divine purpose in human history…


I God Loved ~ He Gave vs. 16

  1. → The love of God is all inclusive


  1. → The salvation of God is exclusive


II Who ~ When vv. 17-18

  1. → Jesus did not come to judge

→ “I have come into the world as light, John 12:46-48


  1. → Who is not judged? Those who believe in the Son.

  2. → Who stands in judgement? Those who do not believe in the Son.

  3. → When are they judged? Already!

II What ~ Why vv. 19-21

  1. → What is the judgement? That Jesus came, and He was rejected!

  2. → Jesus clearly states that “evil”, or sin, is active and deliberate

  3. Truth abides in light. Light and life abide in Jesus.



Now let’s look back at John 3:16…

→ “For God so loved the world…” Think about the world, or the people, that God loved. They were dark, full of sin and opposed to the very God who loved them…

→ God loved people, those whom He created in His own image, so much, Jesus came to atone for the sin that put people into a position of wrath and judgement before God… This is the ultimate expression of love… Romans 5:8 states; “…but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

→ As we think about God we must always remember to reflect on all His attributes. Yes, God is love. We must also remember that God is holy. For me, as long as there is sin, there will always be a tension between these two attributes. God sent Jesus as an expression of love in order that we might be saved. In His love, God desires that all would be saved. However, God’s holiness cries out in wrath against all that is less than holy.

I see → grace as the beautiful expression of God that stands between God’s love and God’s holiness for a season. → God’s grace expresses His loving call to be saved while holding back His wrath against our sin. Grace stands in the gap for up allowing us the opportunity to come to Christ and enter into salvation.

→ However, God’s grace will not stand in the gap forever. There will come a day when we pass into eternity… When that time comes the season of grace is over. If a person has followed Jesus Christ as Lord and become a true follower than he or she will dwell in the love and blessing of God forever. If a person has not, he or she will be judged according to the revealed Word and dwell in the wrath of God forever. This is hell. For me, while the physical elements of hell are incredibly horrific, the idea of experiencing nothing but the wrath of God for all eternity is unimaginable.

→ Where do you stand?

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