In Philippians 4:4 Paul writes: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say Rejoice.” I don’t know about you but sometimes this is not easy for me. Sometimes, the circumstances of life are unpleasant even horrific. How then can we rejoice “always”?

For me the key in whether we have a temporal or an eternal perspective. I find myself in an unusual place in my life. There are amazing things happening in my life. There is excitement, as well as, sadness. This week my sister, who is suffering from cancer and is on hospice, made the decision to spend her last days in Texas with her daughter. For me, this means, more than likely, I said goodbye to her for the last time; on the earth.

During this same week I saw God resolve several concerns related to my family’s transition to Clovis. When I accepted the call to be the Senior Pastor of Copper Springs Church in Clovis there were many concerns. Let me share how God worked things out for us:

  • We wanted to find the right education option for our son Nate. Nate should begin at Fresno Christian School in a couple of weeks.
  • We needed to sell a home in Southern California. The house sold and escrow closes October 17th.
  • I needed a place to stay during the time I would be commuting to begin my ministry as Senior Pastor. God provided a great guest house through a friend of our church.
  • I spent a couple of weeks looking for a rental house for our family to move into in the very hot rental market of Fresno/Clovis. We were approved for a house last week and I sign a lease this week.
  • For the time being my wife will continue to work. We were concerned about her looking for a new job. However, when she went to give her notice at the company she currently works for, her supervisor asked if she would be willing to work remotely from here. Kathy, my wife, got the official offer last week.

Now this is where the perspective comes in. I could look at things from the temporal perspective. I could be profoundly sad that my sister is going to pass away. From the temporal perspective, I could have some momentary satisfaction that all the concerns I had “…just worked out.” Many people go through their days with only this perspective to process the ups and downs of life experience.

I choose to take the eternal perspective. I am grateful that I have confidence that my sister is a follower of Jesus Christ. This means I believe this world is not my home; or hers. After a long struggle against a powerful enemy she will receive the ultimate healing. She will be released from the mortal shell and move to eternal life. No more pain, no more struggling for each breath. She will be reunited with our dad, our mom, our brother and countless others who have made this journey before her. In this I will rejoice!

From the eternal perspective, I see God not only working out all our concerns but with perfect timing. Just as an example, our escrow closes on the 17th and the moving company comes to pack our stuff. The 18th the moving truck comes to be loaded and we leave Southern California for our new home in Fresno/Clovis. Guess the date the rental house is available to move in? You’re right; the 19th! In addition, the property where I have been staying is scheduled to go on the market the 23rd! I choose to see that only God can work not only the provision but the timing with such perfection.

What’s your perspective? Have you been drifting through life driving by the wind of temporal circumstance? I strongly encourage you to seek an eternal perspective. Seriously consider your relationship with God. If you are a follower of Christ, choose to look at things from the eternal perspective. If you are not a follower of Christ, I would ask you to honestly and sincerely consider the possibility that Jesus is exactly who he says he is. He is the way, the truth and the life. You can come the Father through him.

Paul Reed   Oct 10, 2017

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