First 100 Days

First 100 Days

It seems that in many areas of life, when there is a leadership change, the first 100 days of any new leadership are considered critical. The first 100 days are also seen as indicative of things to come with the new leadership.

With that in mind I thought it would be good to do a blog post related to the first 100 days of my being Senior Pastor of Copper Springs Church. I want to state right up front that this reflection will be different then many other 100 days analyses. It is different in the fact that as a Senior Pastor whatever good things come are directly related to God’s grace and provision. Just this past Sunday we were in John chapter three. In verse 27 it reads: “John answered, ‘A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given to him from heaven.’”

With this in mind I want to reflect on what God has given and caused to happen in my first 100 days as Senior Pastor of Copper Springs. First, I would want to take note of something that was already in place prior to my coming. The love, encouragement and caring the members of the Body have for one another. This is something that my wife Kathy and I noticed in our first visit to Copper Springs. This aspect of Body life has continued to grow and be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

To keep this reflection from being too long I want to highlight just a few amazing things we have seen God do in these first 100 days. The first amazing thing we saw God do was related to our “Trunk & Treat” event in October. We saw God provide on two significant ways. First, we saw somewhere between 150-250 people from the community come to the event. This was amazing! In our own limited faith we had hoped for 100 at the most. God provided beyond our wildest expectation.

Second, more than 60 Copper Springs folks helped as volunteers in one capacity or another. Considering we are running, on average just over 80 in Sunday morning worship, this is a phenomenal response. It demonstrates God’s hand on this Body and the willingness of His people to step up when given the opportunity.

The next thing I would like to mention is something that I believe is rare in churches today. In many churches it is difficult to raise up leaders. It normally involves a lot of vision casting, enlisting, recruiting and training. This process normally takes a few months. Well, at Copper Springs, God had another plan for a critical area of ministry.

One Sunday morning, two young fathers came up to me and said: “Pastor, we’ve never really led anything at church but we don’t have any men’s ministry and we believe God wants us to lead that ministry.” To say I was surprised by this would be an understatement. You see, while I believe men are critical in the growth and maturity of the church, I had not yet addressed that need here at Copper Springs. This was totally of God! Within a week these two men had met, developed a vision, as well as, a philosophy of ministry and a great title for the men’s ministry: “The Refinery” I eagerly await what God is going to do through this ministry in the coming weeks, months and years.

For this post, the final thing I would like to mention is the enthusiasm of the people to seek and follow the vision God has for Copper Springs. We are on a journey together. As God has been speaking, I have been sharing. We then seek confirmation together and the people respond enthusiastically. We are on the fast track with God. We are challenged and at times brought to the end of ourselves. That is just where I want to be!

There is still much to do. We are asking God to move in the hearts of individuals to step up into many volunteer roles that we need. We especially are seeking God’s prompting for Nursery, Preschool and Children’s volunteers, as well as, ministry leaders. As we pray for growth we want to launch several multiplying small groups that meet at various times an places to allow more people to connect in community. We are working on a plan for a new believer study, a new member group, as well as, ongoing servant-leadership training.

Once again, I will say, God is on the move! He is going to lead us to have connections locally and globally. He will allow us to minister to and influence our own community. However, I believe that all of these things are contingent on our willingness to be obedient.

Are you in?

Paul Reed   Dec 1, 2017

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