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Why Advent?

At Copper Springs Church we have chosen to observe the Advent season. For many, the only understanding of Advent is based on the Advent calendars we had as children. You know, those calendars where you open a new box or flap each day to reveal a new message. In many cases, there was some sort of treat associated with each reveal. At our home, we use a handmade Advent calendar where each day we open a new pouch that holds a small cloth figure that contributes a piece of the Christmas story.

Paul Reed   Dec 4, 2017

First 100 Days

It seems that in many areas of life, when there is a leadership change, the first 100 days of any new leadership are considered critical. The first 100 days are also seen as indicative of things to come with the new leadership.

Paul Reed   Dec 1, 2017

Thanksgiving Day 2017

It is Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. I wanted to write a bit about the day, its meaning and how we, as followers of Christ should approach it.

Most of us relate our early understanding of Thanksgiving to the Pilgrims and Native Americans. While there were certainly shared meals and celebrations between these two peoples, there was nothing in these early celebrations that went beyond a local gathering.

Paul Reed   Nov 23, 2017

Wasted Remodel

When I first started ministry in the community I now live in, a fairly well known fast food restaurant was undergoing a remodel. There were banner signs on the outside of the restaurant that said, “Open During Construction”. For about three month I passed the restaurant during this construction phase.

Then, just the other day, I was driving by and saw a banner declaring: “Grand Opening of Our Newly Remodeled Restaurant” I was looking for a place to grab a bite, so I thought I would give the “new” place a try.

Paul Reed   Nov 15, 2017

Evil, Violence and Our Response

We are once again confronted with senseless violence thrust upon us by an individual who may or may not have been in full control of his mental faculties. Regardless of his mental state the act that he perpetrated was undeniably evil. This leads followers of Christ to ponder a couple of fundamental questions. First, why does such evil exist or further, why does God allow such evil things to take place? For me this is the easier of the two questions to answer. Evil exists because Man makes evil choices.

Paul Reed   Nov 6, 2017

Hierarchical or Independent

I pastor a wonderful church. It is a church that is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Since I am attending the California Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting this week I thought I would write a few lines about the difference between hierarchical and independent churches.

Paul Reed   Oct 25, 2017

Points to Ponder - October 14, 2017

Points to Ponder will be an occasional feature of my blog that will allow me to briefly share on random points that have come up in my life and interactions. It is not intended to be in-depth analysis but simply my thoughts on these points.

I was attending a dinner the other night and a fellow guest turned to me and asked: “Pastor, what do you think about all these disasters and conflicts going on? Do you think this is the beginning of the end of days?” This is not the first time I have been asked this or something similar so I decided to share a few thoughts.

Paul Reed   Oct 14, 2017


In Philippians 4:4 Paul writes: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say Rejoice.” I don’t know about you but sometimes this is not easy for me. Sometimes, the circumstances of life are unpleasant even horrific. How then can we rejoice “always”?

Paul Reed   Oct 10, 2017

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